Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Turkish Seminar January

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Discussion Forums


As we are getting closer to the workshops that will hold in Spain and Denmark during the last week of January, we decided to open a couple of online discussion forums to get started. We thought it is a nice way to share ideas and discuss the questions that we will be talking during the workshops.

These are the issues that we would like to discuss. By clicking the links, you will directly reach the discussion forum for that specific question. Thank you for sharing your ideas :)

Did you know Santa 🎅 was originally from Turkey? What does New Year's Eve mean to you? ==> http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3N530674DOt

Did you know that 'Utsava' is the Sanskrit word for Hindu festivals, meaning 'to cause to grow 'upward'? What are your perceptions of the religious festivals? ==> http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/3C7UsFP2aol

Did you know that the global wedding industry was worth $300 billion as of 2016? What do you think when you hear the word of the wedding? ==> http://www.tricider.com/admin/2l4VNdlf8N3/1ZrpI0cuMud

Turkish people are hospitable. Even in a Forbes ranking of the friendliest countries, Turkey ranked #6. (http://www.forbes.com/pictures/egim45edme/6-turkey/#33cfcd253086) As the Turkish team, we wondered why didn't you want to join a workshop in Turkey? ==> http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/37okekVCd9R

Thank you for your time! Can't wait to hear from you guys :)

Summary of a week in Turkey

After a week long stay in our school, two lovely ladies from Denmark (Ida Marie Frost & Anna Bech Skougaard) wrote a summary to reflect their impression of a week stay in Turkey. You can read it bellow!

Summary of our week

- The classes

We think it was great, that we could choose the classes we liked; the only downside was

that we didn’t participate as much as we would have liked to do. It would have been a

better experience if the teachers gave us small tasks, that we could do when the class was

doing something we couldn’t participate in.

- The information

It would have been nice if the school had sent a packing list. We weren’t really sure if we

had to bring bed sheets and stuff like that. Otherwise, it was really nice that we got to text

with our hosts; it made the trip a little less frightening experience.

- The weekend

It was a great experience to live with one of the students and see how a typical Turkish

family lives and how the student’s lives are outside of school. Overall the weekend went by

almost way to fast and we felt as if there were so much to see, but too little time do so.

One of the most challenging things about staying the weekend in a Turkish home was that

the parents didn’t understand you. We figured it out by having Deniz (our host) translating,

but it would have been nice to communicate directly with the parents. (We know that

there is nothing you can do about such things and it is just a small detail)

- The school system

We got the impression that the students are stressed out by homework and by the

pressure from the parents. We got the impression that it is very important for the Turkish

students to get away from Turkey as soon as possible because of the huge amount of

pressure, the Turkish state puts on the students; especially with all the exams and tests.

The system is so far away from the Danish system and we honestly feel very lucky to live in

a country that doesn’t put so much stress on the students by giving grades and exams in

such an early age.

- The school

It’s obvious to see, that there is a lot of homework and a certain amount of stress for each

student attending this school. But besides the hard work, the students seem to be very

close with one another and overall they seem extremely happy to be here. The

 environment on the school is really laid back and free-spirited. We can sense that the

students feel more free and relaxed here than in the society outside of school.

- The general impression

The students were really welcoming and it was so nice that so many of them came to pick

us up at the airport. The students showed some motherly concern to make sure that we

were having fun and everything was okay. They were chatty and often students

approached us make sure that we were okay and weren’t lost or feeling lonely. They

seemed to be interested in our way of living with our school system and everything. They

had a genuine interest in us as individuals and actually wanted to get to know us.

So overall it has been great staying at the school and getting to know you guys :)

Ida Marie Frost & Anna Bech Skougaard  (Midtfyns Gymnasium)

Date that the text is written; 25/10/2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Religion Survey

Hello Guys! :) We would like to hear your opinions about religion. So please spare 2 minutes and fill this survey! Thanks a lot! 

Here is the link for the survey 

Germany (November 2016)

Gender and Identity session in Kiel

From November 5th to 12th, we were in Germany on our Erasmus + project named "Differences, Identity and Active Citizenship". In this workshop, which took part in Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium in Kiel, Germany, we attended several conferences and activities for one week with one teacher and nine students.

We searched for the biological and sociological impacts of the social role and gender identity concepts in this workshop which was attended from 5 different countries. We attended lecture conferences from various universities and non-governmental organizations. During this one week all of the students organized a panel and hosted three speakers and İrem Ünveren from our students was one of the moderators. At the same time we had the opportunity to share cultural differences with new friendships.

Here is the link for our partner school's blog. If you want to discover more about the session, I invite you to click the link:

We would like to thank everybody who worked and helped us.

Watch the video to find out more about the trip!

Ps: If you want to read in Turkish about the session that took place in Germany,  hit the link to go our school's website. http://www.tevitol.k12.tr/haberler/634-5-12-kas-m-2016-tarihleri-aras-nda-differences-identity-and-active-citizenship-isimli-erasmus-projemizin-almanya-ayag-nda-yer-ald-k.html

Good News!!!

Ilanne who was in Kiel last November has won a prize in Paris for a short video about the Kiel seminar. You can watch the video below. 

Our Partner School From German 

Denmark (September 2016)

A Visit to Denmark

In September 2016, as a group of students from our school’s Erasmus+ club, we visited the lovely countryside of Denmark, a town called Ringe. Our hosts were students from Midtfyns Gymnasium. They welcomed us in their houses for five days, we also went to their school with them every day. In the school hours we attended their classes or made discussions and workshops about our topic, “Globalization and Cultural Differences.” It was thrilling to hear the ideas of people from such diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. After school, we either went to the “Youth House,” a house allocated for the youngsters of Ringe, (where they can cook or watch a film or do activities; basically to hang out) or went sightseeing around the town with our hosts. In Youth House we prepared traditional dishes for each other, finding the necessary ingredients were a bit hard. We taught them our own folk dances and danced to some popular Turkish music too. They have taught us one of their folk dances too. One day visited the neighbor city called Odense, hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. In the end, we have left Ringe having discussed relevant topics for the European youth, learned a lot about the Danish culture and created beautiful memories. We spent the last two days in Copenhagen; the capital of the country was a metropolitan and multinational city. While we were sightseeing around Copenhagen, we visited the famous and cultural tourist attractions. This visit to Denmark made us learn a lot while having fun.

Our Partner School from Denmark

Spain (April 2016)

We created this video as a showcase to our experiences. If you want to see our perception of Spanish identity and culture, go and hit the button to watch our video!
Ps. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to record the moments from Spanish school. 

Yağmur’s Tale: From the beginning to the end, the Spain adventure was really unique for me. I’ve learned a lot: I’ve learned about a whole new culture, I’ve learned about the history of a country I’ve been for the first time, and more importantly I’ve met meet awesome people. During this 6 days trip,  we visited 2 big cities in Spain, we tried Spanish foods, we shared our culture with our new friends, we even exchanged languages. I miss my host family and all my friends I’ve met there.

Berfin’s Tale: I had a quite different experience than the rest of the group because my host family was British. Thus I explore the Spanish lifestyle with the help of my British host sister. She has been living there more than 10 years, so she has an expertise in analyzing the Spanish living style. During our chats about the cultures, we exchanged the way we perceived the Spanish culture. While we were waiting at the meeting point for at least half an hour, we had lots of time to discuss the typical Spanish behaviors. My most favorite moment was the time that I made Turkish coffee and taught her how to do it. We sat on the couch for hours and told our fortune with Turkish coffee.  

Ekin's Tale: I think the best part of the Spain exchange was the day we visited Seville because there was feria in Seville. A lot of people even the little kids were dressed up, so it was a great opportunity to experience a piece of Spanish culture. Even 8-10 years old kids were riding horses with their suits, and I think it was an interesting scene. The amusement park of the feria was also pretty impressive. I have seen a fast Ferris wheel for the first time in my life. It was fun but scary at the same time. After we I had one of the greatest weeks of my life in Spain.


Our Partner School From Spain